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You have an emotional attachment with your pet. It is like any other member of your family whom you love and care for its wellbeing. If you are a resident of Tucson, Arizona it becomes very important for you to find the best pet hospital that offers the highest quality medical and surgical care. The hospital should have qualified vet and staff who actively attend to your pet to ensure it is free of diseases and enjoys a healthy life. Here in this article we shall discuss a few things that would help you zero in on a pet hospital in Tucson, Arizona.

Experienced Vet – The first thing that you should look for in a hospital is whether they have experienced vets and other staff. These people should have expertise in different kinds of surgeries and medication that can save the life of your pet it case of an injury or when it contracts a life threatening infection. Preventive Wellness – Pet care isn’t only about attending emergencies and thus you need to choose a hospital that integrates technology and holistic therapies for the overall wellbeing of the pet. They should offer services such as dental care to treat cavities, gum disease, laser surgery options, spay and neuter services, plaque buildup and dog vaccinations in Tucson Arizona. They should also have expertise in acupuncture and pain relief laser therapy. Equipment – Does the hospital have access to equipment such as x-ray, ultrasound, IV pumps, blood pressure, and eye pressure monitoring? You can enquire about the same by visiting the hospital or calling them. A modern pet hospital needs to be well equipped to administer 21st century care to your pets. Micro Chipping – Pets often have habit of straying outside their own habitat and losing a pet is like losing a part of your own life. One of the ways to prevent loss or theft of pets is to implant a harmless microchip in their body. This allows you to easily track the location of your pet in case it goes missing. These microchips would carry your identification and hence it makes it easy for pet recovery services to locate you in case they find your pet. 24 Hour Vet – Does the clinic offer emergency services and after hours treatment and monitoring? This is one of the most important considerations. Your pet might injure itself or develop diseases without any prior warning and in such situations it needs to be administered immediate medical care. It might need to be monitored continuously for a few days in case of serious illness. Thus it would be wise to choose a clinic that is open round the clock.

Ina Road Animal Hospital is serving pets in Tucson AZ area for everything pet related. They have a committed team that educates you in ways to keep your pets healthy year round, with good nutrition and exercise. The team is well versed in the latest advances in veterinarian technology. It is driven by the love for all animals and pets and ensures that they are treated with love and care in every check-up, procedure, or surgery.

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